Increase Your Association’s Membership Using Marketing Automation

What If You Could Turn On And Off New Members Like a Faucet?

Getting new people to join your association is not about simply growing awareness. However, if you only promote your “join now” messages in your market, you won’t get the conversion rate you need either.

Each prospective member is at a different place in their understanding of your organization and how a membership will benefit them.

Increasing association members to closely tied to how becoming a member of your organization solves people’s problems. This approach to membership marketing is more difficult for many associations than it first appears.

Prospective members are looking for help with different things depending on their situation. But, a one-size-fits-all approach will cause you to talk past a large part of your target audience.

HighRoad Solution’s marketing automation solution for associations allow you to meet each prospective member where they are in their journey toward becoming a member, based on their digital footprint, AMS or CRM data, and their behavior on your website.

You’ll get the tools, process, and experts to make sure your online new member campaigns convert as many members as possible – without overworking your marketing or membership teams.

After you understand what each prospective member segment need, you will be able to launch email messages, web pages, and digital media that build rapport, educate, and bring people down your member acquisition funnel.

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Our Approach

While prospective association members are easy to find online, cutting through the noise to get their attention and get them to join your association has never been more difficult.

Through years of testing, measuring and adjusting digital marketing strategies with our association clients, we developed a proven process for using digital marketing techniques to increase membership, HighRoad’s Association Action Framework.

HighRoad’s platforms and processes are specially designed to support this approach to increasing membership.

Sample HighRoad Solution

Increase Membership By Attracting More Prospective Members And Bringing Them Down Your Funnel More Effeciently.


You Get Best Practices
We will help you lay out content that will attract new members and journeys that bring prospective members down your funnel to the point that they join your associations.


You Get The Best Platforms
HighRoad will help you select the best marketing automation software for your association’s team. budget, and strategy. We’ll then connect it your AMS and other association technology platforms based on your specific business requirements.


You Get It Done
HighRoad’s team of digital marketing experts will make sure that every ad, landing page, follow up email, and call to action are set up correctly so that you can convert as many people.

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