Generate Non-Dues Revenues Using Marketing Automation

Use Marketing Automation To Increase Sales OF Products, Classes, And Programs

Your membership database knows which products people have purchased, which classes they have signed up for, which credentials people need, and when members’ certifications expire.

For a lot of associations, the problem is that their AMS is where their members’ data stays.

In order to increase non-dues sales, like classes, products, and programs, you need to leverage that information in your marketing campaigns.

That is where HighRoad helps you. Our marketing automation solutions make it easy to increase non-dues revenue from product and program sales.

HighRoad has worked with hundreds of associations to make sure the data in their member database or AMS is leveraged in their e-newsletters, digital content, and automated email campaigns to maximize the number of people that convert on their offers and calls to action.

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Our Approach

When you plan out the products, programs, and classes that your association is going to offer, each one is designed with a specific member persona in mind. For instance, you may have a class design for people early in their career or you may have a committee opening for a more seasoned member in a specific part of your industry.

In order to attract the right people to the right offerings and get them to take action, each email message and web page needs to align with your target members’ mindset and priorities. This can be overwhelming without a roadmap to follow.

HighRoad’s Association Action Framework can help. Our approach is based on a decade of working with associations to turn static digital communication into individualized member journeys online.

Sample HighRoad Solution

Increase Revenue From Your Association’s Classes, Product Sales, and Othr Non-Dues Programs


You Get Best Practices
We will help you plan a highly-personalized digital marketing strategy so that each member receives compelling calls to action about the classes and products that matter to them.


You Get The Best Platforms
HighRoad’s expert team will implement the right marketing automation platform for your organization, team, and goals, like SharpSpring, along with the right set of features to increase sales of products and other programs.


You Get It Done
We will make sure your marketing automation plan gets the right message in front of the right members at the right time to increase sales, cart value, and purchase frequency.

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