Case Study: Wallcovering Installers Association


The organization that supports wallcovering installers across the US and also abroad is expected to experience a sharp decline in membership by 63% within the next eight years. That stark statistic has increased urgency in the need to gain traction with new members for the Wallcovering Installers Association (WIA).

The majority of current members are between the ages of 48 and 58 and are already planning their retirement. Soon there won’t be seasoned talent available to pass down to wallcovering installers entering this niche trade. The driving goal behind embarking on the organization’s marketing automation journey is to acquire new members.

  • Membership is dwindling rapidly with no acquisition plan
  • Leadership within the organization is aging, making it difficult to efficiently pass down expertise






In partnering with HighRoad, WIA has been able to leverage the right martech stack to successfully grow their membership. Using a marketing automation platform such as SharpSpring provided WIA with additional opportunities to collect data-insights subsequently used to create lead gen opportunities. As with any software platform, the product features alone cannot generate revenue and growth, so HighRoad worked closely with WIA to:

  • Define key marketing personas that served to develop an appropriate content strategy
  • Create premium assets for lead magnets, design micro-site interactive infographics, and record and produce video testimonials
  • Implement automated personalized lead funnels
  • Develop and manage lead scoring components to gain insight into the sales cycle

With a content strategy in place for two personas, premium assets and lead magnets were produced, and automated sequences were configured in SharpSpring. To further accelerate the lead gen engine, the same lead magnets were also distributed across organic and paid social channels, as well as paid Google Ads.


After running an initial campaign to establish baseline metrics for a 3 month period, HighRoad successfully increased web traffic by 27% year-over-year, and creating social media content inclusive of blog posts that resulted in nearly 80 visits per posts to further influence community engagement. The first run of the campaign generated 50 leads, with 2 immediate conversions. WIA’s Instagram audience, an ideal channel for prospecting, has grown organically by 34%, and a Google Search and Instagram Ad strategy resulted in over 100,000 impressions and with nearly 500 clicks.

WIA is now in a position to…

  • Amplify their campaigns as new website visits have already increased by 12% to date
  • Membership page views continue to increase by 22%

By effectively using all-digital channels available, HighRoad and WIA have created a sustainable lead generation program following a framework that uses marketing automation effectively.

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