Case Study: American Society for Associations Executives


The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) is the association of associations with over 21,000 individual professionals that work in the association community. 

This massive organization was struggling with…

  • 13 different newsletters manually created & sent each week
  • One member may receive 3-4 newsletters a day with overlapping content due to fear of a member missing out on ASAE’s promos
  • Steady to declining open & click-through rates
  • Eroding brand trust due to over-emailing


HighRoad proudly works with ASAE on their digital strategy and execution and pioneered the Intelligent Contextual Email (ICE)™ product together. 

Ultimately, the solution for ASAE was to…

  • Consolidate 13 newsletters to 1 Intelligent Contextual Email (ICE) TM newsletter
  • Embed business logic within the responsive email template and pull data directly from Aptify association management system to eliminate manual cut & pasting into an email marketing platform
  • Allow technology to create & distribute emails based on the members’ time zone, preferred delivery frequency and topics of interest


ASAE is composed of the association, the ASAE Foundation and ASAE Business Services which has endorsed HighRoad Solution as the only eMarketing provider for the association community since 2012.

High Road and ASAE partnership resulted in…

  • Weekly subscriptions have grown 500%
  • Decreased opt-outs
  • Open rates above 40%
  • Staff saves 20+ hours per week in manual creation, testing & sending of email campaigns
  • Members look forward to reading their newsletter
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