Boost Event Attendance With Marketing Automation

How Would Your Organization Be Impacted If You Could Grow Conference Registration?

There are two parts to increasing association event registration:

  1. Building reach to generate awareness
  2. Aligning your “what’s in it for me” messages with each member’s place in their lifecycle

One-size-fits-all marketing has lost its effectiveness for association event marketing. The challenge for many associations is that their staff only has the time or skillset to send the same message to all potential registrants.

Sending the same message to everyone simply won’t yield the registrants you are looking for. What’s worse, you are setting yourself up for future registrants to ignore you because you are sending irrelevant messages.

You don’t have to live like this! Now, your association’s marketing and communication teams can launch hyper-personalized marketing campaigns to boost conference and event registration, without adding extra stress to their day.

How HighRoad Solution Increases Association Event and Conference Registration

HighRoad’s email and marketing automation solutions combine your event registration and membership data with marketing campaigns that target the right people, nurture them, and get them to register your conferences and events.

You can even send relevant communication leading up to your meeting to get people excited about the event, build your brand, and make sure their are attendees are fully prepared to have the best experience possible.

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Our Approach

The average association member receives around 120 emails each day. Most emails they receive are one-size-fits-all messages sent to massive lists. Your event and conference communication has the opportunity to stand out in your members’ inboxes.

HighRoad’s proven methodology, the Association Action Framework, gives you a blueprint for increasing event registration – from targeting and segmentation to creating a compelling hook and aligning it with where each member is in their journey.

Sample HighRoad Solution

Increase Association Conference Registrations By Putting Your Event Marketing Plan On Autopilot


You Get Best Practices
We will help you identify the people most likely to register for your events, the digital channels that reach them most effectively, and the messaging that will resonate with each persona.


You Get The Best Platforms
HighRoad will help you leverage the data in your marketing platform and AMS to grow awareness of your events and nurture people interested in your conference’s topics until they are ready to register.


You Get It Done
We can help you launch your conference’s marketing plan – from ads and content to attract registrants to landing pages and email nurturing campaigns.

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