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We opened our marketing automation practice in 2013 and have implemented and integrated more marketing automation platforms with association management databases than anyone in the industry. We offer marketing automation in several ways:

  •  HighRoad Marketing Cloud is our bundled service offering that provides marketing automation software bundled with onboarding, integration & support services 
  • Onboard, integrate & support top marketing automation platforms


HighRoad Marketing CloudHighRoad Marketing Cloud

HighRoad Marketing Cloud Marketing Automation Screenshot of Software

When associations learn about marketing automation, it instantly makes sense and they want to move to modern tools. One platform that can bundle in both outbound communications while providing insight metrics that track users so that you can send out the right messages at the right times? Yes, please. 

HighRoad Solution now offers a new all-in-one bundle called HighRoad Marketing Cloud that allows associations and non-profits to quickly get going with marketing automation at a price point that can fit within any budget. We bundle in the marketing automation platform, integration to your association management system, onboarding by our own digital marketing practitioners and ongoing support into one flat fee to make it easy for your organization to get going with marketing automation.

Whether you want to add on marketing automation to your martech stack already in place, or move all of your email marketing into a marketing automation platform, we have a solution for you.


Onboarding, Integration & Services to Top Marketing Automation Software Companies

We are so proud to have achieved top partner levels with the leading marketing automation platforms in the world. Whether you are looking to buy a new marketing automation platform and need help in the process of deciding which one to go to, are already using a platform and looking to now integrate with your association management systems (AMS, LMS, CMS, etc), or just want more help in actually using the platform, we are the solution.

If you're thinking about marketing automation, or wondering where to start, talk to us!

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