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What do you do when you need to get your message out to people for whom you don't have email addresses? How do you get in front of a market that you want to target when you can't buy email lists (that's a no-no) and the target market you want is on social media? What if you're just seeing flat open rates on email and you need to revitalize your audience? Well, if you're like a growing population of organizations, you're turning to marketing automation to turn your content into leads and gaining a deeper understanding of your members.

Is marketing automation just a buzz word for an updated approach to email marketing? While many vendors on the market are saying this, it's just not true. Marketing automation is really a marketing approach that focuses on nurturing one individual at a time through a buyer's journey that allows your organization to quickly identify who is truly interested in what you're offering and who isn't.

From a tools perspective, the marketing automation technology platform space is dominated by HubSpot, Marketo and Act-On. We work with all three because they're all great tools and we recognize that offering only one tool just won't cut it in today's world of hyper-individualism--especially in the world of associations where every association is truly unique.

What's important to understand about marketing automation is that it isn't just the software.  Sure, you need the right platform that can bundle together the management and reporting of web, email, and social, but to do well, you need the know-how. Ultimately, marketing automation is a content marketing-based methodology that focuses on utilizing omni-channel communications to draw people into your organizational brand and get them hooked on the good stuff--your intellectual property (a.k.a. usually your content).

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