Case Study: Construction Financial Management Association


An association serving more than 7,000 members via chapters in the USA and Canada, the Construction Financial Management Association’s traditional marketing technology stack reflected a focus on member retention.

“Knowing that email lists degrade by roughly 20% each year, we really needed to focus on building campaigns which allowed us to go out and find new prospects to market to” said Fern Oram, Director of Content Marketing & Communications at CFMA, “we knew that an email marketing system, while effective in delivering our message to members, wouldn’t be able to solve our problem of needing to find those potential members whose email addresses weren’t known to us.”

Most organizations are in a similar position – tasked with growth, but not empowered to push for a new marketing technology stack that helps to…

  • Identify and convert new members
  • Increase engagement within a member company and within each individual’s participation level
  • Increase understanding of conversion factors to drive revenue
  • Address changing tastes and preferences of members
  • Unable to access full data set and model in ACGI’s Association Anywhere and combine with other marketing data sources.


Fern was quick to point out that moving to marketing automation wasn’t simply a technical effort or a feature functionality evaluation, “the tool or platform itself isn’t as important as the readiness to follow a new framework. If you simply start using a new platform in the same way you used a previous system, you’re missing out on the opportunity to do things differently – this effort is more about being an internal change agent or “disruptor” rather than implementing a new tool”.

By citing industry research, quoting experts, and constantly asking how things could be improved, Fern found her internal allies and built her business case. She worked closely with the IT team to understand their focus on data integrity and identify how internal workflows could be streamlined by empowering the Marketing team to execute their own queries in real time.

Lastly, she built the business case by aligning with the budget cycle and partnered with HighRoad Solution to build out the martech roadmap for digital transformation. The solution included plans to…

  • Create a digital marketing roadmap to transition from email marketing to marketing automation
  • Consolidate marketing data sources into HubSpot and integrate with ACGI’s Association Anywhere AMS
  • Expose the data model to empower the Marketing team to create their own targeted queries based on audience knowledge and behavior
  • Empower the Marketing team to self-analyze for continuous improvement


CFMA updated their marketing technology stack to include HubSpot, a marketing automation platform which also integrated with Association Anywhere, their association management system. This power combo allows CFMA’s marketing team to tap into data that can be used in predictive behavior models, lead scoring and targeted marketing campaigns.

CFMA is now leveraging automated workflows which inform internal staff when prospects respond to a call to action and explore CFMA’s digital properties as they look for information. Metrics now reflect CFMA’s campaigns to be performing at a higher level than before, and the team is empowered to build additional nurture campaigns based on prospect activity and scoring.

This partnership resulted in the…

  • Empowered Marketing team being able to execute ad hoc queries to build integrated marketing campaigns
  • Improved open rates using mobile-responsive templates
  • Increased lead/prospect identification and responses
  • Continued marketing operation efficiencies
  • Improved insights and visibility into prospects’ digital footprint
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