Case Study: Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants


The Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants (ASCPA) is a leading professional organization of nearly 6,000 members with a mission to enhance the success of its members through continuing education, networking opportunities, and advocacy.

For Heidi Frei, Director of Marketing, and her team, email marketing took up a significant amount of time that could have been spent serving their current members and attracting new members. With a large fraction of their marketing efforts happening through email, the society was at the mercy of the capabilities of their email platform.

Certain challenges stood in their way of better communications. ASCPA’s marketing team was challenged by:

  • Email production requiring HTML and CSS knowledge often slowed down campaign execution.
  • Roadblocks with execution left little time to strategically approach email communication.
  • Platform security requirements meant dependency on a third-party and less flexibility to work from anywhere.
  • Out-dated templates didn’t match new branding and didn’t help with organization recognition and user experience on mobile.




ASCPA needed a more intuitive platform to manage their email marketing, one that allowed for personalization, automation, and customization with templates, all while providing meaningful dashboards of metrics and integrating with, their AMS. 

Since HighRoad Solution had been an email technology partner with ASCPA since 2014, an integration with was already in place. The integration already in place combined with HighRoad’s Global Passport Program, an offering that allows clients to migrate platforms for little to no extra cost, the platform switch to Adestra would be seamless.

To deliver on a seamless transition, HighRoad rolled out its project methodology with a phased approach. The project kicked off with key players and important dates, then onboarding meetings were scheduled in tandem while implementation progressed. In as little as six weeks, HighRoad Solution delivered an integrated platform where key stakeholders were fully trained on campaign creation, list building, reporting, and automation sequencing.

The perfect solution was…

  • Employ Adestra Message Focus and the many robust features available
  • Implement 6-week project methodology to quickly show results
  • Design mobile-first templates with the new Adestra editor



As a result, the ASCPA team can send visually appealing emails in half the time, “I have not timed it, but I believe that using this system takes about 50% less time than the old system. In the past, we often had formatting issues that we would have to go back and forth to try and fix spacing issues.” With more time spent adding impact by providing quality messaging, employee morale is up in direct relation to the ease of use of Adestra.

This allows more staff members to assist in creating emails. They don’t need any HTML knowledge and are able to easily work with the templates to create the emails. Our staff used to complain about email, but now they are always telling me how much fun they are having with Adestra.” With its new mobile-responsive template, the ASCPA has seen open rates increase from 28% to 33%. The increase in engagement from members helps ASCPA to reach its goals of delighting and serving their members.

When staff members report email as “fun,” we know we are doing something right. In the end, HighRoad Solution was able to deliver: 

  • Open rates increased from 28% to 33%
  • Reported 50% less time spent on email production
  • More flexibility with template designs
  • Able to better meet new and current member engagement goals
  • More time spent on marketing goals that generate leads
  • Flexibility with access to be able to work from anywhere
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